Terms and conditions for entering in to services with Hand to Heal

Please read through the following terms and conditions before booking. You will be asked to sign agreement to these T&Cs at your first appointment.

1.     To the best of your knowledge you do not have any infectious diseases, deep vein thrombosis, or acute cellulitis. These are contra-indications for reflexology.

2.       You confirm that the details given to HAND TO HEAL  are provided in confidence to the best of your ability. You will update HAND TO HEAL should health conditions change whilst a client, or if you are referred for any medical tests or procedures.

3.       You understand that your HAND TO HEAL therapist does not claim to diagnose, cure or prescribe. 

4.       Cancellations at less than 24 hours notice will be charged at half rate. Please contact HAND TO HEAL by text if you need to make any late appointment changes.  07769 774764.

5.       HAND TO HEAL is a designated controller of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  A full copy of HAND TO HEAL’s Privacy Policy is available on request or can be viewed online.  By enrolling for reflexology treatments you are giving consent for HAND TO HEAL to gather, use and securely store your personal data in the manner set out within its Privacy Policy and in compliance with the principles of the GDPR.