Reflexology during pregnancy

Many women find Reflexology effective for helping them through the unwelcome physical and hormonal effects of pregnancy.   Headaches, insomnia, morning sickness, indigestion, mood swings, back ache and heart palpitations are all common experiences during pregnancy, but you can join 1000s of women who have found relief through the gentle therapeutic touch of reflexology.

Being told by my tutor whilst I was training in Reflexology that she has a 100% success rate   predicting the sex of a baby from the pregnant mother’s feet was a memorable moment in my journey to becoming a Reflexologist.  I was in the early stages of the training course and if honest was still pushing against a little bit of residual scepticism, so to be told the feet can predict the sex of an unborn child was absolutely intriguing!

Sure enough now I’ve seen several pregnant clients I have my own experience to draw on about how effective Reflexology can be during all stages of pregnancy.  During the first trimester, hormonal changes in the pregnant body result in a number of well documented symptoms including headaches, nausea, light-headedness, shallow breathing and changes in appetite.     Reflexology at this stage targets the endocrine system, helping the body to balance out hormonal surges and reduce symptoms.    One of my clients had daily headaches during the 2nd and 3rd months of her pregnancy but after a couple of sessions of reflexology these stopped.  She also commented how the sessions helped her worry less – it’s her first pregnancy and the whole experience is understandably quite anxiety-making. This is a theme I’m regularly hearing from clients, there’s something about Reflexology which helps clear foggy minds, reduce anxiety and promote optimism. It’s a very rewarding aspect of my job to hear people reflect about the subtle changes they’ve noticed in themselves since having regular reflexology sessions.

Later on in the 3rd trimester often the physical effects of growing baby are felt as muscular and skeletal strains on a woman’s body.   Lower back pain is very common and the gentle effects of reflexology can be very effective at easing this discomfort.   

I’ve had wonderful feedback recently from one of my clients who at 34 weeks was initially told she could expect a consultant-led birth because her baby was in breech position.   After the 2nd session of reflexology she felt the baby moving, and sure enough at her next check-up the midwife confirmed baby’s head was now in the correct position.  Each time we start the session placing my hands on the soles of her feet she says the baby in womb responds.  At this stage of pregnancy reflexology is helping to prepare the changes the mother’s body needs to undergo to let baby enter the world – widening the pelvis, softening the cervix and helping calm any remaining anxiety.

I’m very honoured to have been asked to accompany one of my clients to hospital to be there for the birth of her baby.  I’ll be providing reflexology to help keep Mum as comfortable as possible and easing the birthing process.  

Recently I had the joyful experience of joining a group of new Mums in Penarth at their weekly breastfeeding support group called Baby Latte.   I showed them some techniques they can use with their babies to soothe and calm for promoting sleep, ease teething discomfort and clear blocked sinuses.  If you’d like a copy of the diagrams to use with your own baby, please drop me an email

Mums at the Baby Latte meeting learning some reflexology tips to use with their babies

Mums at the Baby Latte meeting learning some reflexology tips to use with their babies